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website Build Own Solar Panels
Learn how to build your own home solar panel,wind generator, from the comfort of your home. Also Discover how you can live off the grid with other green renewable energy technologies.
feed text Nuclear Energy? Help Essay?
Fri, 16 Apr 2010 17:59:00 +0000
So umm we are doing this project on Nuclear Energy and I've got two interest groups. 1:Greenpeace. 2:Nuclear Energy Institute.. and what i'm asking is which one is actually true because Greenpeace says Nuclear is all expensive,dangerous,pollutes air and everything while the Institute says it's cheap, does not pollute and is reliable... I have to write a good solution for these two interest groups
text What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy?
Tue, 16 Mar 2010 15:12:00 +0000
Hello everyone my name is The Kid and I want to know what the pros and cons of solar energy are? If you know the answer please leave a comment here. Thanx in advance!
Hi I'm 4Life and I want to know if solar power really lowers your electricity bill? I also want to know what is cheaper and better for earth, gas or electricity for heating water? And how much would it cost to have solar power for a 6000 sq ft home, not counting heating water, just lights, electronics and AC. Also what do you think is better, money wise, over time to buy solar panels or to by a
Hello, my name is Dave and I'm in serious need of some statistics for writing an essay and was wondering How many wind turbines it would take to power the United Kingdom (UK) and the World respectively? Also how many solar panels would it take to power the United Kingdom (UK) and the World respectively? Thanks in advance for any answers please give source if you can. If you think you can help
Photovoltaic Systems Engineering, Third Edition (Hardcover) - Photovoltaic Systems Engineering, Third Edition is a book written by Roger Messenger and Jerry Ventre. The third edition which builds on the popularity of the first two editions of Photovoltaic Systems Engineering, is due out in March 2010. This book which is info packed is also useful for students. The text is packed with
text Photovoltaic Systems Hardcover
Sat, 13 Mar 2010 05:33:00 +0000
Photovoltaic Systems (Hardcover) -  Photovoltaic Systems (Hardcover) – Description Demand for renewable-energy technologies is growing rapidly, requiring a greater number of skilled system technicians. Photovoltaic Systems is a comprehensive guide to the design and installation of several types of residential and commercial PV systems. Click To See More...
text Renewable Energy Solutions
Thu, 25 Feb 2010 23:31:00 +0000
The need to reduce our over-dependency on non renewable energy sources can not be over-emphasized especially with the energy crisis that is going on around the globe. Renewable energy, also referred to as alternative energy is a naturally generated energy and it can be said to be the opposite of energy derived from fossil fuels. It is any form of energy derived from the sun, wind, moving water or
text Making wind power
Wed, 24 Feb 2010 01:02:00 +0000
Using the wind as a source of energy could have some great impact on reducing the over dependence on non-renewable energy but unfortunately wind power  generating systems have not seen too much technological advancement to make a regular power source. But I am not here to discourage you though, because the concept of harnessing the energy from the wind is picking up. In this article you will
text Bio Fuels
Tue, 23 Feb 2010 03:59:00 +0000
What are Bio-Fuels? Bio fuels are fuels that are derived from biological materials, mainly through the decomposition of biological materials. They are renewable fuels derived from biological matter like biogas, bio-diesel and methane. Bio fuels can exist as solids, liquids and gasses. Bio fuels are can be produced directly from plants or indirectly from industrial, domestic and/or agricultural
text Learning How To Build Wind Turbines
Sun, 21 Feb 2010 02:29:00 +0000
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text Understanding Energy
Thu, 18 Feb 2010 22:07:00 +0000
What is Energy? Energy is the capacity of matter to perform Work as a result of its motion or position. The Energy possessed by matter as a result of its motion is known as Kinetic Energy, and that possessed as a result of position is Potential Energy. A moving car possesses Kinetic Energy which greatly depends on its mass and velocity of travel. A stone suspended at a certain height above the
text Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power
Mon, 15 Feb 2010 22:39:00 +0000
Solar energy seems to be the energy source of choice these days due to the fact that it is abundantly available. If you are pondering on the idea of switching your home power source from regular electricity supply to electricity that is solar generated, then you will need to know what the pros and cons of using solar power are. This article aims to point out some of the easily identifiable good
text Home Made Energy Video
Sat, 13 Feb 2010 22:28:00 +0000
Home made energy.org is a site that will teach you how tomake  your electricity company start paying you. If you have ever wished to stop wasting money on your electrical bill, help the global economy and save the Earth, then home made energy will help you do just that. It is a system that will teach you how to start generating your own electriicty with out too much difficulty or technicalities.
text Is It Possible To Live Off The Grid?
Sat, 13 Feb 2010 22:18:00 +0000
Living off the grid or relying solely on alternative energy is often regarded as a dream to some people. Even those that believe living off the grid is possible, think that you would have to give up most of your newest household equipments in order for that to be possible. Many more consider this is an effort only for granola loving hippies, whose modest ways coincide with fewer technologies, TVs
text Is a Solar Electricity System Right For You?
Fri, 12 Feb 2010 02:47:00 +0000
With the rising cost of energy, if you are not energy conscious then you could simply be described as stupid or foolish. No matter how rich you are, you must be concerned in one way or the other about the way you consume energy. The rising cost of energy has resulted in numerous individuals across the globe thinking about substituting their regular energy source for one that is cheaper or one
text You Can Build Your Own Solar Panel System
Thu, 11 Feb 2010 02:32:00 +0000
Stop contributing to Global Warming its time to go towards Green Energy Sources. This article will show exactly what and what it takes to build your own solar panel. As you may already know, the world’s energy resources are fast diminishing and global warming is having a negative effect on climates around the world. This calls for us to take a positive step towards saving our planet. One of