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website BodyRock
youtube feed text Five Day Fit: Total Body Tone
Shape, sculpt and strengthen your body from head to toe. This series is five, 12min workouts that will work every major muscle group in your body like never before - getting you in the best shape of your life. http://bit.ly/BRtotalbodytone
text Five Day Fit: Sexy Back
Train this big, beautiful muscle group with this hard-hitting, muscle building, fat burning series from BodyRock. Get five, 12min back-centric workouts that sculpt a leaner, sexier back. http://bit.ly/BRsexyback
text Five Day Fit: Core Shred
Start building your best abs ever with the right gear and workouts. Each move in this high intensity workout series is designed to help you reveal the abs you know you have, and have always wanted. Anyone of any fitness level can benefit of this killer core training. No excuses. Just results. Join us! http://bit.ly/BRcorekit
text Five Day Fit: Booty Sculpt
You’ve got the time. We’ve got the gear and the moves. So ditch the excuses. BodyRock trainer Jessica shows you how to start building your best butt ever. http://bit.ly/BRbootykit
text BodyRock Yoga Trailer
Yoga isn’t just about stretching and meditating: it can also offer an insane total body workout that will help you build muscle and burn fat. BodyRock yoga instructor @dedica is your guide through our newest, hottest and sweatiest yoga series ever. Grab your mat, and get ready for a mind expanding, body sculpting and life affirming yoga transformation. http://bit.ly/BRyoga
text Rise - HIIT List
Sean's going to rock your core in this killer 12 minute core workout. You've never seen a line-up of exercises like this before: you've got 12 minutes to make it through these 12 moves, and most are powerful plyometric variations on planks, so you know it's going to hurt to laugh, breath deeply or get out of bed tomorrow. But you also know it's going to be worth it. Set your timers, and get ready. Your best core ever is here but you’re going to have to get on your hands and knees to get it. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Jean Butt - HIIT List
Roughly 60% of where your body stores fat is genetically predestined, which means if you weren’t born with the genes for a butt you can balance a wine-glass on-top of, you probably aren’t going to get one. However, this workout can definitely help you get your best butt ever. A perkier, firmer, more happy-to-see-you-go butt. Lisa’s your trainer, and the moves target all the major and minor muscles in your body’s biggest muscle house. And because your glutes are part of your core, this routine also hits your hamstrings, back, abs and hips. You’ll also get some leg, arm and shoulder training, too, just to keep the workout well-rounded; like your perfect, perky behind! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Gym Free Abs - HIIT Lis
Bust out the Challenger Minis and get ready for a deep, core burn, ‘cause this workout is meant to put a fire in your belly. In 12 minutes, Sean takes you through 12 incredible, fat-burning, high-octane HIIT moves that will not only sculpt your butt, abs, obliques, hips and back, but also your chest, arms and legs. You don’t need a gym to help you get your best abs: you just need a clean diet, and this workout. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Fall Apart - HIIT List
Hypertrophy is the name of this game, and we’re going to rip up those muscle fibres so they grow back stronger and leaner. Lisa is your guide through this short, sweet & sweaty AF HIIT workout that hones in on every single major muscle group in your body — and some you’ve probably never felt before. This workout is designed to push your body to the breaking point, so be sure to load up to max weight, for max results. The workout is only 12 minutes. That’s nothing. The gains? They’re everything. No excuses, OK? Time to give this sweat sesh everything you’ve got. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Resistance - HIIT List
Abs may be made in the kitchen, but it never hurts to load up in the gym or home gym, too. Well, actually, it does hurt, but it's worth it. Lisa is going to make sure your core gets the ultimate all-around conditioning in this 12 minute, 8 exercise HIIT workout. You're going to be using a spread of our best gear to target every nook and cranny of your core and make you work against some serious resistance. Butt, obliques, abs, back, hips: you're going to work it all. And we've thrown in some upper body moves that will help improve core stabilization. It's all part of our mission to help you build your best body. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Trophies: HIIT List
Forget about getting a trimmer tummy and leaner legs. Forget about sculpting more defined arms and a perkier ass. Forget about all the aesthetic rewards of working out, and the sweet, sweaty high you get from your training is still its own, amazing reward. Don't get us wrong: this sweat sesh will definitely help you on your journey to your best-looking body, but it will instantly give you a better feeling mind and body. In 12 minutes, Marina takes you through four high-octane moves that will strengthen your entire body, while helping you build that lean muscle mass that's synonymous with an increased metabolism. Your moves include HIIT-based variations of classic compound movements, so you can be sure you're getting the most instantly gratifying workout in the least amount of time. Get ready to earn that sweat! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Mine - HIIT List
Fast, furious and fun, Sean brings his trademark buoyant intensity to the table to guide you through this insane total-body HIIT workout. You’ve got 12 minutes to muscle through 12 fat-burning, life-affirming moves. You’ve got what it takes, so gear up and get ready to own this workout! http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text The Way I Am - HIIT List
If you’ve got 12mins, a pulse, and at least a couple functional appendages, chances are you’ve got what it takes to do this HIIT workout. It’s a routine that works your entire body, with a heavy focus on shoulders and arms. You’re also going to blast your glutes and legs with plyometrics and reap the figure redefining, fat melting, plateau busting rewards of combination training. We’re talking using kettlebells, dumbbells, Challenger Bars and Challenger Minis — but you don’t need all the equipment. You just have to show up, and put up. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Yes Indeed - HIIT List
Your core muscles are the catalyst for many of the movements your body makes everyday. Walking, standing, twisting, turning, sitting — it all comes from your core. This workout is designed to help you create the most powerful core and empowered body possible. With ingenious mountain climber variations, booty-lifting jacks, hip-strengthening squats and heart-pumping plyo moves, you’ll get a fat-blasting, calorie torching workout that’ll leave you feeling ready to take on the world. http://bit.ly/HIITlist
text Rockstar - HIIT List
Anyone who’s ever basked in the post-workout afterglow knows that an intense sweat sesh can leave you feeling like a total rockstar. That’s exactly the feeling you’ll get from the face-melting, fat-burning, body-sculpting total body workout. Sean leads is your guide through this insane circuit that hits every single major muscle group with crazy new moves designed to take your training -- and your body -- to the next level. You’re going to hit your glutes, quads, hammies, shoulders, calves, arms, back, chest, and of course, your core. It’s the true rockstar coda: go hard or go home. http://bit.ly/HIITlist