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website Andrew Zarian
Gender Reveal Party for Baby Z #2. Its a Boy. We had the announcement in Crocheron park in Bayside Queens NY
text Andrew Zarian Live Stream
text live at press 195
text This guy is awesome. NYC blizzard 2016
Watching the news in NYC and this amazing guy poped up on screen. The reporter asked him what his plans for the daycare and he replied with "Netflix and chill baby" the guy is awesome
Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley needed a place to record Windows Weekly and Chris Tobin was kind enough to get us studio space.
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
text Mr Potty Returns on Christmas
Mr Potty has returned once again to wake up all the young boys and girls on Christmas morning.
http://www.gfqnetwork.com This is a clip from the Howard Stern show. Chaunce Hayden Interviews Howard during the Win Johns Job Contest
text Radio Shack XLR to USB Converter
http://forum.ibroadcastnetwork.org/showthread.php/2239-Radio-Shack-Brand-XLR-to-USB-Converter I ordered a Radio Shack Brand XLR to USB Microphone adapter from Amazon this week and Im testing out the quality of the audio. what do you guys think. This Adapter was only $3.95 . What do you think Let us know on the IAIB Forums http://forum.ibroadcastnetwork.org/showthread.php/2239-Radio-Shack-Brand-XLR-to-USB-Converter
Huge storm July 2nd 2014 hits Queens NYC
text Sick in Bed? Zarian Dance Party
Im sick in bed. Drinking some Jameson.. Time for a dance party
text Snowing in Cancun Mexico
http://www.gfqnetwork.com I am currently on a trip to Cancun Mexico and noticed something strange happening. IT WAS SNOWING
Spencer our king Charles cavalier is very upset because I wouldn't play with him.
This is Spencer. He is a King Charles Spaniel and is 2 years old. Everyday after I finish making the bed spencer gets upset and re-does it his way. This is how spencer makes the bed. thus guy is a funny puppy :)