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State and local officials in Butte County are awaiting President Trump's visit to the fire zone on Saturday.
Several events in the Bay Area have been canceled due to air quality issues that have stemmed from Camp Fire smoke settling over the region.
The city of San Jose is more than 200 miles from where the deadly Camp Fire is burning. Still, the harmful smoke is impacting South Bay neighbors, furthest from the flames.
The smoke from the Camp Fire in Butte County is not only unhealthy it's causing flight delays and postponing major events in the Bay Area.
Friday night will bring smoky, hazy skies once again, with overnight low temperatures ranging from mid 30s inland to low 40s near the coast and bay.
Several schools in the Bay Area were closed due to poor air quality caused by smoke from the Camp Fire.
Volunteers have posted signs all over San Francisco to mark the spots where people have been seriously injured or killed by motorists. It is part of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.
video Traffic safety in San Francisco
Sat, 17 Nov 2018 06:45:41 UTC
It may seem like an incredible statistic, but every day on average in San Francisco, three people walking are hit by a vehicle. Jodie Medeiros, Executive Director of Walk San Francisco, stopped by the ABC7 News studios to talk more about traffic safety.
It happens to all of us. You are driving along the freeway when, for no obvious reason, some cars start slowing down while others are still cruising along. It is what experts call a "phantom" traffic jam. but experts are saying just a few self-driving cars could help ease traffic issues.
Purple Air, a crowdsourcing-based air monitoring system, is consistently showing numbers more alarming than the federal government's. We break down how it works
As the Bay Area, we are all out there braving the smoke together. But what are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? We ask an expert for some tips on breathing better in bad air.
With such bad air quality, dog owners are taking the warnings seriously and keeping their pups indoors.
Camp Fire survivors looking for help from FEMA headed to the Chico Mall where they could apply to get federal aid.
Wearing a mask may help but we wanted to know more. So we sat down with an expert to get some questions answered.