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MIXED REACTION: Everyone from Trump supporters to protesters had something to say about the President's visit to the disaster area.
Several events in the Bay Area have been canceled due to air quality issues that have stemmed from Camp Fire smoke settling over the region.
Air Quality will remain unhealthy overnight. Lows drop into the low 30s to mid 40s. Sunday will feature another day of unhealthy Air Quality across the Bay Area. Under hazy sunshine highs range from the upper 50s to mid 60s. A Spare The Air Day is in effect.
Several schools in the Bay Area were closed due to poor air quality caused by smoke from the Camp Fire.
CAMP FIRE SMOKE: The demand for face masks in the Bay Area is so high, one store's employee drove to Bakersfield to get new ones.
Wish the N95 masks were smaller? Here's how you can alter them to fit infants and children.
Police were notified about a body found in the Alviso Marina in San Jose. The coroner is working to see if this is Ian Powers, who went missing after a Monday Night game at Levi's Stadium.
Smoke from Butte County's Camp Fire continues to plague the Bay Area. Here's how you can check air quality levels where you live.
The tale about the GoFundMe encounter described by officials as a hoax has taken a new turn.
JCPenney could be headed for the same fate as Sears -- bankruptcy.
video Which mask is best for bad air?
Sun, 18 Nov 2018 06:12:16 UTC
With so many fires burning, we need to be careful. Experts say that wildfire smoke is dangerous because it contains fine particulates that can lodge deep into the lungs. So which mask is better for bad air?
text Top stories from ABC7 News on Instagram
Sun, 18 Nov 2018 05:29:22 UTC
Here are ABC7 News' top stories on Instagram.
CAMP FIRE ANIMALS: These pets were lost, and some badly injured, during the deadly wildfire in Butte County. Here's how you can help these sweet survivors.